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Mother’s Rosary For Transmutation of Dweller On The Threshold

Hail Mary one with Grace the Lord is with us through you, blessed are we by your miracle grace and by the love of your son Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of Harmony and Grace of God, we surrender our fears, toxic releases, family mesmerisms, family trees, roots and seeds, implants of the sinister force on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies and realms. We surrender our ties to pet demons and their associated entities, our vows to hidden agendas that we no longer hold ties to on a conscious level and therefore makes these vows no longer viable in the courts of heaven . And we release all sense of obligation at inner and outer levels whether known to our outer awareness; of the engagement in the ages and in some cases eons long wars of the spirit which we have found ourselves entangled in for lifetimes. We therefore demand the return of those portions of our souls that are manipulated to return us to the engagement of these eons long wars of the spirit. We demand the angels of retribution go forth and retrieve these soul fragments that have been held captive as a “point of the law” of cosmic service.  We break these contracts and these vows  of engagement once and for all. Therefore we call for the binding of those who now try to go against the free-will of God who has awakened to his Being on Terra! And by and through the Living Word of God within our Heart and Heart’s Flame; we continue in the call for the binding of the dweller on the threshold of...

(give personal prayers)

Hail Ma-Ray Your Light I AM

Son of God Light within

Holy Mother of my dear Heart

Return to me disparate parts

Hail Mother within Divine

Seal my Heart within Thine

Grace of Father Mother God

My Heart Thy Heart Flaming Yod

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